Cruit are a full-service recruitment organisation. We are here to support your hiring plans and pride ourselves on a flexible approach; tailoring every solution to the needs of our customers


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  • Talent Acquisition / Talent Acquisition Management

Working on an on-site contract (freelance) basis Dominic McNamara operates as a “Talent Acquisition Specialist / Tech & Sales Recruiter”.  This is the evolution of recruitment services where companies want the proven excellence of an experienced and driven agency recruiter who has the ability to work internally supporting the HR Leadership and the relevant Hiring Managers.  By working in-house, understanding the organisation and their hiring strategy Dominic provides an enhanced candidate search solution coupled with full-life cycle recruitment process (job qualification / job spec production / search strategy / candidate identification & contact / interview process management / feedback / offer management / follow-up and on-boarding).  With the extensive experience from growing his own teams internationally, managing teams of up to 28 recruiters and working onsite at various companies he can also operate as Global Talent Manager with the ability to lead the internal sourcing team(s) to ensure high headcount growth plans are achieved.


  • Contingent

Looking for a recruitment partner who is happy to work in parallel with your existing candidate sourcing methods then this is the service for you.  Maybe after you’ve considered past applicants, your internal team have an increased workload or you simply want to benchmark your existing suppliers against a new staffing company on a difficult search? Cruit will work diligently to identify that hard-to-find resource to join your internal team on a simple no win : no fee basis.


  • Exclusive

This is the service for your company where you wish to partner with a specialist supplier who will dedicate time and resources to fully understanding your hiring needs and delivering a service to match.  Rather than wasting time dealing with multiple suppliers and duplicated candidate applications work with Cruit as an exclusive partner to ensure presentation of qualified & committed candidates who not only meet your job specification but are ready to join your organisation.

  • Contained / Retained

This is where Cruit distinguishes itself from other staffing organisations and other executive search organisations.  This truly tailored service is somewhat unique in the technology industry.  Gone is the arrogance and being made to feel you are working for the recruiter and replaced instead with a no fear guarantee or your money back!  Talk to us today about how Cruit can guarantee delivery of the perfect candidate shortlist and ultimately your new hire without any of the risk associated with normal exec-search retainer schemes.

  • Fixed Term

At Cruit we have taken onboard the feedback of hirers of niche technology resources and understood there is a common dilemma surrounding internal / external staffing.  Do we hire a disposable contractor at greater cost; or do we continue to seek the perfect new employee with the technical skills and cultural fit.  Cruit can help you find the best of both worlds – By hiring a fixed-term-employee you pay your new hire as an employee (with break-clause after e.g. 6 or 9 months) and your recruitment fee is capped on a pro-rated basis. Ask us how this option can work for you.

  • Contract to Permanent

Want to hire a new employee but prefer to assess the candidate skills first?  Try before you buy – a difficult proposition and not one most candidates are keen to consider!  Why?  Well if you’re a happy permanent employee why would you leave for a short-term contract and just the possibility of a permanent role?  Or if you’re a contractor why would you leave the lucrative contracting market to take a permanent role?  This balance is all about working with a recruitment partner that truly understands the global candidate market, fully qualifies every candidate and is honest enough to explain your real options.

  • Contract

For when you need an expert in their field to join your team on a short-medium term basis then using Cruit is the answer to finding you a local, compliant freelance solution!  We are proud to work in a direct and transparent way ensuring a dynamic and speedy response to your urgent project requirements.  Cruit understands the demands of a project timeline and the pressure on management charged with implementing that solution in time and on budget and as such we able to respond accordingly to find the top talent ready to hit the ground running.